Project Overview

This page provides a project overview and periodic updates on the S.R. 29 PD&E Study. Please click on the link below to view project information.

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The Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) is conducting a Project Development and Environment (PD&E) study to evaluate the proposed future widening of 18 miles of S.R. 29 from S.R. 82 in Collier County, north to County Road (C.R.) 80A in Hendry County. C.R. 80A is also known locally as Cowboy Way. This study is necessary due to the projected growth in population and employment for the area surrounding the project limits. The provision of safe and efficient transportation to support this growth requires action to improve the existing transportation network.

The PD&E study is scheduled for completion by the summer of 2010. The design, right of way acquisition and construction phases of this project are not funded in FDOT’s tentative five-year work program.

The S.R. 29 project begins north of S.R. 82 and extends to south of C.R. 80A, a distance of approximately 18 miles. The PD&E study process will involve the development of roadway improvement alternatives, a comparative evaluation of the social and environmental impacts and the overall costs of each alternative. The proposed improvement is a four-lane roadway with two lanes in each direction, including paved shoulders and a median.

Financial Project ID: 417878 2 22 01 – S.R. 29 from North of S.R. 82 to South of C.R. 80A
PD&E study – Ongoing -- $1.05 million
Design, Right of Way Acquisition and Construction phases – Not Funded.